Personalized Physical Therapist Midvale, Utah

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Quick Scheduling

While your patient waits to be seen, they are not receiving the physical therapy that is a key factor in achieving optimal recovery. This is where Mountain View Physical Therapy can make the difference in your patient’s outcome. Because we are focused only on physical therapy we have the ability to get your patient scheduled without making them wait. In many cases we can arrange a same day appointment and get them on a therapy plan that will have them back on their feet in no time.

Progress Reports

As a physician a key concern is ensuring that your patients are progressing in their recovery. Sadly when it comes to physical therapy, many physicians are left in the dark about patient progress. This lack of communication isn’t just frustrating, it is also an obstacle to helping patients reach a full and lasting recovery. Mountain View Physical Therapy is unique in its approach to physician communication. Each of our patients are thoroughly charted and that information is communicated to the physician so that it can be part of the patients health record.

Personalized Care

When patients feel like just another number they take their therapy less seriously. This often leads to a compromised recovery. Because we only provide physical therapy we are focused on your patient’s needs. We have the time and the resources to focus on your patients and give them the one-on-one interaction that is at the heart of an meaningful recovery. Let us show you what personalized care is and the difference it can make. At Mountain View Physical Therapy we are big enough to deliver, but small enough to care.