Running Program

The running program at Mountain View Physical Therapy can help you reach your goals faster. Sometimes the reason you’re not gaining speed is due to your form. If you’re trying to overcome injuries, get beyond your plateau or just become healthier and more functional, we can help.

Top Reasons Our Running Program Works for Midvale, Utah Runners

There are two main ways you can become a better runner, and our running program helps with both.

First, one of the main struggles serious runners sometimes face is injury. You may feel like you’re doing everything right when it comes to preparation and training, but maybe you just can’t shake lingering weaknesses. Not only would you like to fully heal from your injuries, you’d like to prevent them from recurring.

Second, many runners expend more energy than necessary because of poor form. If your gait produces friction, it will take a toll on your endurance and your body. By making minor changes to form, you can see major improvements sooner rather than later.

At Mountain View Physical Therapy, we focus on treating and preventing injury, and helping you run more effectively.


Step One: Review Your Injuries

At your visit, our first step is to review your injury history. We will talk with you about key injuries that have affected your running efforts, and will also find out more about your running history. If you have injuries that require therapeutic treatment to achieve healing, we will put together a plan to correct these issues.

Step Two: Analyze Your Form

Next, we will analyze the motion of your body in running mode. We will execute a comprehensive musculoskeletal exam. By examining muscle patterns, joint movement and motor response, we are able to identify problem areas. Through manual correction and ongoing exercises, we can retrain your body to move in a more efficient, supportive manner.

Step Three: Set Goals

Finally, we help you establish long-term goals when it comes to running. Is there a specific race you are training for? Are you trying for a new PR? Nothing drives treatment and training better than a list of goals, and our running program is oriented toward results.

Get Immediate Feedback

One of the most valuable gifts we can offer our running program clients is immediate feedback. When you visit Mountain View Physical Therapy, you get an instant idea of what you can work on today to change the outcome of your running efforts.

Whether it’s a stride adjustment or therapeutic exercises that will ultimately make you a better runner, we outline clear actions for you to take that will get you on the right path. Contact us today to set up your appointment!