In-Home Physical Therapy

In-home therapy provides a unique opportunity for patients to recover more quickly after surgery or from an injury or illness. The treatment approach is also invaluable for patients who may lack the mobility to come in for treatment.

For patients in Midvale, Utah, and throughout the Salt Lake City area, Mountain View Physical Therapy offers in-home therapy services including physical, occupational and speech therapy as well as in-home health care staffing assistance.

In-Home Physical Therapy


In-Home Physical Therapy & Treatments in Midvale, Utah

In-home physical therapy is an important part of rehab and recovery after surgery, particularly hip or knee replacement surgery. After these procedures, patients have limited mobility and are restricted from driving for several weeks or months. Regular visits from a physical therapist ensure that patients correctly exercise and strengthen the affected portion of the body to maximize recovery.

For those patients who have limited mobility due to a fall, stroke, joint or back pain, etc., in-home physical therapy provides a highly effective means of improving fitness and restoring function.

Our customized in-home programs address the specific issues the patient is facing, and with a wellness-oriented focus, put the patient on the road to improved mobility and function.

Occupational Therapy

In-home occupational therapy (OT) is designed to help patients perform everyday functions.

After surgery or an injury, patients may be unable to bend or reach as they normally would. Consequently, they may have trouble bathing, dressing themselves or preparing meals. OT helps patients adapt and relearn how to perform these basic tasks.

Our OT programs are also appropriate for patients with mental, emotional and developmental needs.

We design our in-home occupational therapy programs specifically for each patient, based on their goals and challenges. Our programs are not limited to the physical aspect of function. Rather, we consider emotional, mental and social factors to help ensure each patient’s progress.

Using this whole-person approach, OT provides patients with a greater sense well-being and self-sufficiency.

Speech & Language Therapy

In-home speech and language therapy provides an invaluable service for patients who have suffered from a stroke or another neurological condition that affects their ability to breathe, swallow and speak.

Speech therapy is appropriate for treating physical as well as cognitive adaptations that affect communication. By helping patients improve their ability to communicate their wants and needs, our therapists help improve safety, self-sufficiency and well-being.

Home Health Staffing

In addition to providing customized therapeutic support, we also assist with all your home health staffing needs.

Whatever your home health care needs may be, Mountain View Physical Therapy provides medical or non-medical health care staffing you can trust. Personal care, companion and custodial services are appropriate for patients who need assistance with their daily tasks.

Mountain View Physical Therapy provides a full range of in-home services designed to meet the needs of our patients, their families and caregivers. We can design a program that combines in-home therapies with other home health staffing needs. We serve clients in the Midvale, Utah, area and throughout Salt Lake City. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more about our in-home therapy services.