Core Strengthening Physical Therapy

An ultrasound-based core strengthening program provides a highly effective, non-invasive approach to treating diastasis recti abdominis – commonly known as abdominal separation.

core-system-specialistDiastasis recti is characterized by a bulge or pouch that develops when the large muscles of the abdomen separate in the middle. Abdominal separation most often affects new moms, especially those who recently delivered a heavy baby. However, this condition can affect a variety of patients, both men and women, potentially causing pelvic discomfort or pain in addition to what many people call the “post-baby pooch.”

If you’ve tried in vain to reduce the distension in your abdomen, consider just how safe and effective our cutting-edge core strengthening program can be.

Challenges of Core Strengthening Physical Therapy

Short of having invasive and costly cosmetic surgery, strengthening the muscles of your core is the only way to treat diastasis recti and banish that pooch for good.

The challenge is that effective core strengthening depends on your ability to identify, isolate and activate the muscles that span from the diaphragm to the pelvic floor. In fact, isolating these muscle groups can be virtually impossible using traditional training and exercise techniques, due to the complex network of deep muscles that lie beneath the surface muscles of the abdominal core.

That’s why, at Mountain View Physical Therapy, we use cutting-edge ultrasound technology and our Core System Specialist certification for the diagnosis and treatment of abdominal separation.

Core Strengthening Physical Therapy

Diagnostic Ultrasound for Abdominal Core Strengthening in Midvale, Utah

We begin by conducting a Core System Assessment using diagnostic ultrasound technology.

These advanced imaging techniques allow our Core System Specialist to identify the specific abdominal muscles responsible for your diastasis recti. This assessment allows us to fully evaluate the abdominal muscle groups that require development and, based on the results, to develop a customized strength training regimen designed specifically for you.

Core Strengthening Using Ultrasound Technology

Even the best core development program won’t benefit you if you aren’t performing the exercises and activities correctly. So, while diagnostic ultrasound helps us develop a training program to address your areas of weakness, this tool also helps us ensure that you derive the maximum benefit from your strength training program.

We use our state-of-the-art imaging technology as a biofeedback tool, allowing us to teach you to activate the desired muscle groups in the correct sequence. This training is necessary before we can begin building strength, to ensure that every muscle activates when it’s supposed to.

During your treatment sessions, we will show you in real time which muscles you’re moving, as compared to the ones you want to activate. Our biofeedback techniques will teach you to isolate and activate the correct muscle groups.

Once you can activate the desired muscles, we can begin your training and strengthening process in earnest and banish your abdominis recti problem for good.

To learn more about how we use advanced ultrasound technology to diagnose and treat abdominal separation, contact Mountain View Physical Therapy today. We look forward to helping you banish the pooch and restore your abdominal tone with our core strengthening program.