Golf Physical Therapy: Is Your Body Ready?

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Golf Physical Therapy

Golf Physical Therapy – Excited for the Golf Season: Is Your Body Ready? Whether you’re aspiring for the eagle, albatross, or ace this golf season, conditioning your body for golf is the most feasible way toward outstanding performance. Enrolling in a golf physical therapy program will help you correct your posture, achieve peak fitness, and avoid common golf-related injuries.

Swinging golf clubs puts a load on the spine, wrist, hips, elbow, knees, and rotator cuff. Injuries develop when the load is not distributed evenly across the body parts. Improper posture and incorrect muscle use combined with other bad habits may cause muscle soreness at best or make you quit the whole season at worst.

Therapists personalize golf physical therapy programs according to the clients’ age and fitness level. For example, if you are suffering from lower back pain, therapists can help you adjust the mechanics of the swing to reduce strain on your spine.

Utah’s scenic golf retreats and the sheer variety and conditions of the golf courses attract thousands of golfers every year. And this upcoming season, you can enjoy an injury-free experience and impress friends with your gameplay by getting physical therapy.Woman Golfer

How Physical Therapy Can Condition You for Golf?

Improved Mechanics

With one-on-one sessions, therapists can assess your fitness and design exercises that improve body movement – from the address of the backswing to the top of the backswing to the follow-through. Therefore, you can generate more power in your swings, maintain balance, and distribute the load equally across your body.

Better Flexibility

These customized exercises will increase your muscle strength and flexibility. With repeated sessions, the range of motion of the muscles will expand. As a result, your movements will become smoother and faster.

Fewer Injuries

Your golf physical therapy program will feature exercises focusing on rehabilitating any previous injuries and wounds to prevent their aggravation. Increased muscular flexibility and strength, and better mechanics will prevent golf-related injuries, such as wrist injuries, golfer’s elbow, lower back pain, tendonitis, shoulder pain, and foot and ankle injuries.

Get the Extra Edge with Physical Therapy

If you have been playing golf for decades and feel like your skills have plateaued, you can work alongside your physical therapist to refine your game. During the sessions, experts will scrutinize every step of the swing and suggest postures and exercises that increase the swing’s power.

More people play golf as a hobby than professionally. Generally, they play only during seasons and go back to the desk and chair lifestyle in between. The result is a sore neck and shoulders, injured knees, and tight hips after a few games.

Most people get physical therapy only after facing a complication. However, by being proactive, you can outperform your colleagues and finish the season in tip-top shape while others complain of sore bodies.

Enjoy Golf without Aggravating Previous Medical Conditions

golferThe elderly can get as much enjoyment out of golf as the young. Playing golf has substantial benefits, but the possibility of aggravating previous conditions is equally present.

Golf swings put a load on the spine, approaching the force produced by professional football players hitting the sled. Many factors such as using the modern swing instead of a classing swing, decreased shoulder rotation, excessive hip extension, and critical spine angles aggravate lower back pain, especially in the elderly.

Specific drills for early rehabilitation promote diaphragmatic breathing, pelvic flexibility, core strength, and active arm, ankle, and foot movement. Additionally, your therapist will check the healing progress of your previous injuries and suggest ways for physical therapy to heal them faster, offer postures and techniques that have the least damaging effect on the injury, or warn you against participating in golf to prevent those injuries from worsening.

Golf Physical Therapy in Utah

Participate in a golf tournament or enjoy a match with your friends. Mountain View Physical Therapy can condition your body for the next season and take your performance up a notch. We have wave therapy and red light therapy options that produce extraordinary results in combination with physical exercise.

Contact us for golf physical therapy today!


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